Hector intro
The Things I Adore
is a song sung by Hector Con Carne in the episode The Pie Who Loved Me.


Hector: We all live in a beautiful world
The rocks, the trees, the tiniest squirrel
Billions of people with bright smiling faces
Boys with golf clubs, young girls with braces
Puppies, kittens, the mighty condor
These are a few of the things I adore
I love my island, I love my money
Stomach: I love ham, I love jam, I love biscuits with honey
Hector: Our world is filled with incredible beauty
And that is why I feel is my duty
To send forth the troops, to invade the coastline
To crush and destroy until it's all mine!


  • One of the clips in this number is also used in the intro for the show

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