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Stomach of Hector Con Carne
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Full Name N/A
Alignment Neutral
Species Human Stomach
Gender N/A
Occupation Digestion specialist
Allies Hector Con Carne, Boskov
Foes None
Voiced By Armin Shimerman

Stomach is the stomach of Hector Con Carne who survived the explosion with Hector. Although technically a character, Stomach is used as more of a gag and is rarely given a speaking role.


It is a folded pink stomach. It has a brown liver on top of it that resembles a bonnet and two brown eyes (only seen in one episode) and a tiny little lump coming out of its fold. It is attached to Bozkov's tummy in the same type of dome Hector is in. It has a high pitched squeaky voice and usually only talks about food.


It really doesn't have much of a personality. All it talks about is food, and it is usually only used as a gag.


"Peanuts!!! They're so salty and good!!!" (Evil Goes Wild)

"Vanilla is Delicious!!!" (Emotional Skarr )

"Did you say sandwich?" (Devolver)

"Bacon is a tasty snack."

"Mmm Corndog" (Fool's Paradise)

"To a free Lunch" (Evil Goes Wild)

"I like ham, I like jam, I like biscuits with honey" (The Pie who loved me)

"What's inside that pie?" (The pie who loved me)

"Now he's a tasty shrimp" (Devolver)


  • It is never explained why Stomach is able to talk, although it is likely a simple matter of suspending one's disbelief.


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