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Skarr's Mother
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Full Name Unknown (possibly Mrs. Skarr; first name unknown)
Alignment Unknown
Species Human
Gender Female
Family General Skarr (son)
First Appearance Company Halt

Skarr's Mother is the mother of General Skarr.

She has been mentioned several times throughout the series but never physically appeared, having only appeared in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode "Company Halt", which served as the finale of Evil Con Carne. In said episode, she went to visit her son, but when she knocked on the door, her son greeted her with a furious fit of yelling and rejection from due to Skarr mistakenly believing that his mother was Billy who had been pestering him all day. Shocked and offended, his disappointed mother decided to comply with the rejection and leave her son alone for good, much to his grief.


  • Her name is never revealed but since "Skarr" is technically the General's last name, it might be her's as well, assuming of course she didn't keep her maiden name.

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