Search and Estroy
Season 1, Episode 10
Search and Estroy
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Search and Estroy is the tenth episode of season one of Evil Con Carne.


During a depression that Hector has with Estroy always having better inventions than him. Estroy want's to bury the hatchet between hiself and Hector and invites him over for dinner. Meanwhile, Hector enlists General Skarr out on a mission to steal Estroy's Top Secret plans.


Hector invents a ray gun that will turn anything into dust. He uses it on a plant to test it out and Hector feel's very proud with himself for doing it. Just then, he sees on the screen that Estroy has a much better one that is bigger which he uses on the moon. Hector throws his gun in the trash can feeling depressed having known there is a much more superior being out there with better inventions than him. Estroy invites Hector and his workers over for dinner, which Hector uses as an opportunity to have Skarr steal Estroy's plans for his next invention.

After the dinner, the plans are used to build Estroy's machine, but it goes haywire and destroys the base. It turns out this was what Estroy intended, and Estroy declares that he still has a few bugs to fix before his machine is ready.


Major RolesEdit

Minor RolesEdit


In Australlia, when Estroy said, "I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with you", the word qualtiy was removed even though that doesn't sound very sexual.


General Skarr tripped over a lady bug.

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