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Alignment Good
Species Immortal Human
Gender Male
Occupation Spirit of Christmas
Family Mrs. Claus (wife)
Allies Rupert the Green-nosed Reindeer,
His Elves
Foes Hector Con Carne
First Appearance Christmas Con Carne

Santa Claus is a legendary figure who gives gifts to good children for Christmas, and coal to bad ones.


Christmas Con CarneEdit

Santa controlled by Hector

Santa while controlled by Hector

Hector Con Carne's dome was attached to his head, and thus Hector was able to control him until he was foiled by Rupert the Green-nosed Reindeer, who saved Christmas.

He gives Hector and his team coal for Christmas each year because of the incident.


  • Santa Claus also appeared in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy but with a drastically different appearance. Being more tall and obese, with a larger nose, pointy hair, different attire, and he was voice by Gilbert Gottfried.

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