Pie in the Sky (Song)
Pie in the Sky is a song sung in the episode The Pie Who Loved Me.


People: Pie, pie, pie in the sky!
Look, there's pie in the sky. And it makes me wonder why.
It's flying through the air, in a ship that's driven by a bear.
The crust looks flaky, the doughs not cakey
covered in a rich meringue
Fat man: I'll go fat and lazy, my brain will start to get hazy
People: The pie in the sky makes me want to love you
Skarr: There is pie in the sky
and that pie I'm going to fly
into your puny little faces
even you there, with the braces
Hector: This plan makes me sing
This plan will make me king
Boskov: Ruh ruh ruh ruh ruuuh
ruh ruh ruh ruh ruuuuuuh
Fat woman: I fear I am unable
to get up from the table
Fat couple: The pie in the sky, makes me want to love you
Abraham Lincoln: Look there's pie in the sky
And it makes me wonder why
You're letting Hector Con Carne win!
Wipe that pie goo off your chin!
Soldiers: We can't fight the bad guys
We'll devour more pies!
While we grow in girth
someone else will save the earth.
Abraham Lincoln: It's making S.P.O.R.K. Useless and full
Their bodies are limp and their wits are dull
we fail at everything that we try
who will save us from this dastardly pie?
People: YES! MORE PIE!
I don't care why
the bad guys do what they do
'cause I'm gonna eat more pie
there's no reason why
we'll just chew and we'll chew
until we're through