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Mandy Skarr and Ghastly
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Alignment Varies
Species Human
Gender Female
Family Claire and Phil
Allies Billy and Grim
Foes Mindy, anyone else who gets in her way

Mandy is a character from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy who has made many cameos in the Evil Con Carne series. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Mandy is a very short little girl with a round head and no nose. She has no facial features other than eyes, a mouth, and thick black eyebrows. She has short yellow hair which she wears up upon her head in a strange sort of "wrench shape" and holds it together in a black hairband. She has a pink sleeveless sundress with a picture of a yellow flower on it. Her dress is so long, that whatever bottom she wears is unidentifiable. She has white kneesocks and black shoes.


Mandy is a very dark and miserable girl with very negative feelings about everything. She is almost always in a dull and gloomy mood of anger and she never smiles about anything, although it may seem as though she is insatiable, she can be pleased by doing things that she likes, such as hanging out with Billy and making Grim entertain or serve her. She never really expresses her joy and pleasure with a happy body language, but she always says that she is, and whatever passes as her joy is always projected through the same gloomy and miserable expressions that she always makes and of course, being this very unhappy girl, when she is unhappy or angered for real, she unleashes an extreme amount of anger upon whoever or whatever is wronging her by screaming in rage and attacking it brutally. Everything she does is in a violent and horrific way and she becomes almost entirely undefeatable when she does so.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • In the episode Chicken Ball Z of Grim Adventures, Mandy bought Bunny Island from Hector. Stomach and Bozkov went with him but Skarr and Ghastly stayed. Mandy has a wrench shaped hairdo and a pink dress with a flower on it and she never smiles.
  • She and Major Dr. Ghastly both have the same voice actor, Grey DeLisle.

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