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Major Doctor Ghastly
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Full Name Andedonia J. Ghastly
Alignment Evil
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Mad Scientist
Family Hector Con Carne (implied to be her husband in the future), Destructicus Con Carne (son from the future)
Allies Hector Con Carne (Except in Teenage Idol, Gridlocked and Loaded & Jealousy, Jealous Do),General Skarr, Boskov, Stomach
Foes Cod Commando, Estroy
Voiced By Grey DeLisle
"But you don't understand, I was young, I was in college, I didn't know any better! Besides, Hector's not evil, he's just, misunderstood."
— Major Dr. Ghastly • Max Courage (Episode)

Major Doctor Ghastly is a female scientist who works for Hector Con Carne. She is the one in charge of inventing and building various contraptions to aid Hector Con Carne's quest to rule the world. She is also in charge of caring for Boskov. In the show's intro, it says her full name is Andedonia J. Ghastly


Major Dr. Ghastly is, by far, the least malicious human in the group. She is more sensitive to the feelings of others, and is generally kinder. She's secretly in love with Hector Con Carne, but has not revealed her feelings to him. It is revealed in a couple of time-travel related episodes that they have a son together in the future.

She loves making various inventions, and even points our when a machine has lots of knobs and buttons. She seems to be capable of building anything, and is highly intelligent. However, she has often been distracted by her fantasies of romance, and her emotions.

Dr. Ghastly doesn't seem as interested in taking over the world like her boss and coworkers; she generally seems more interested in inventing things and getting closer to Hector.


Ghastly multiple scenes
Ghastly's usual attire consists of a a skin-tight rubber suit, along with a pair of elbow length latex gloves, high-heeled boots, and a pair of black goggles that reveal blue eyes. She has red hair with a bun in it, and her skin is very pale. When her hair is down, it is shown to be very long.

She is taller than most of the characters, such as General Skarr, who was shown to only be slightly shorter than the average adult in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

In the pilot her outfit is pink with red highlights, while in the rest of season one it is red with brownish pink highlights.

In season two her outfit is changed, being red and black instead of red and brownish pink. Her breasts are also more defined in season two. Her boots are also longer and tighter around her legs. More detail is added to her goggles.


"But you don't understand, I was young, I was in college, I didn't know any better! Besides, Hector's not evil, he's just, misunderstood." (Max Courage)

"Well, It's the least I can do." (Bring me the face of Hector Con Carne)

"Hey! I'm not a that older than 24!" (Hector, King of the Britons)

"You want some of this too baldy?" (Gridlocked and Loaded)

"You're drooling all over that strumpet. It's so obvious!" (Jealousy Jealous Do)


Other than being a scientist, Ghastly is a skilled engineer, building and operating a wide array of weapons and machines.

Major Inventions

(In alphabetical order)

She is also shown to have some skill in animal training, as she's the main person in charge of Boskov's training (such as teaching him tricks) as well as being Boskov's primary caretaker.


  • In The Pie that Loved Me when she is baking pies, she has the pi symbol on her apron.
  • Andedonia, her first name seen only in the intro to the series, is a medical condition in which one is unable to feel pleasure.
  • She is one of the tallest human characters in the series.
  • Maxwell Atoms himself has stated on Tumblr that "I like that she’s just sort of a regular, smart, dorky girl who got in with the wrong crowd."


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