This is a list of all of the episodes of Evil Con Carne. The main characters of the shoe are Hector, Boskov, Stomach, Major Dr. Ghastly, and General Skarr. All five of them have physically appeared in every episode. However, Hector, and General Skarr are the only ones who have talked in every episode. Major Doctor was without dialogue in Everybody Loves Uncle Bob and Cod vs. Hector, and Boskov was without dialogue in Max Courage, Christmas Con Carne, and Everybody Loves Uncle Bob. and Stomach was without dialogue in 16 episodes.

Season 1Edit

  • Gutless-Stomach is sick with a disease and Hector has to stay in bed and cant take over the world.
  • Day of the Dreadbots- Hector becomes fed up with his army not fighting very well and decides to replace them all with robots built by Major Doctor Ghastly but in the making, a subliminal flaw went awry. While she was in limbo of making the Dreadbots fully loyal to Hector, Major Doctor had to take her coffee break and left General Skarr in charge of watching the Dreadbots, who altered the programing so they would be loyal to him instead.
  • League of Destruction- Hector's plan to catapult goo into the air fails when Estroy's plan to launch a satellite into the air go awry. They both fire their toys at the same time and they both cancel each other out and they fly back and destroy them both. Hector decides there is just too many supervillains trying to take over the world at the same time. Then he devises a plan to collect all of the supervillains to team together and destroy the world that way.
  • Son of Evil-Destructicus comes over to Bunny Island for a visit. Meanwhile Hector is planning an invasion to take over Japan. However, after Destructicus reveals he works for the forces of good, he decides to save Japan from his father.
  • Right to Bear Arms: Major Doctor is working on a machine to switch peoples brains with each other's. She tests it on Hector and General Skarr but instead of it being their brains it is their arms.
  • Trouble with Skarrina: Estroy gets angry because Hector, Bozkov, Stomach, and Major Doctor all pulled a nasty dirty evil deadly prank on him. The way to get back at them both is to pull a prank back so he builds a female-version of General Skarr that is actually a bomb.
  • Go SPORK: Hector is using telemarketing to trick and fool people into buying his stuff so he can take over the world. The Cod Commando easily falls into his trap. Its up to the rest of Spork to stop him.
  • Boskovs Day Out: Hector and Stomach stay in a pair of glass tubes while Bozkov takes the day off with Major Doctor Ghastly leading him around the park. Meanwhile General Skarr treams up with the owner of the circus Boskov used to work for to try and recapture him, so that General Skarr can overthrow Hector.
  • Cod vs Hector: After accidently destroying his undersea base, Hector Con Carne and Cod Commando are stuck on an Island together.
  • Search and Estroy: Estroy ends up building the same inventions as Hector, but better does and then invites Hector and his team over to dinner. They use it as an oppurtunity to have General Skarr steal Estroy's top secret plans.
  • Max Courage: Dr. Courage comes to visit Major Dr. Ghastly, unaware that she is now working for Hector Con Carne. He and his sons are then taken prisoner, and Dr. Courage is forced to help build Hector's newest weapon, The War Machine.
  • Evil Con Carne: Hector gets fed up with Bozkov slacking off and not doing his job. Once it goes too far when the commandoes attack them and they lose because Bozkov and Stomach were just distracted by the honey on the wall. Hector fires Boskov and has Major Dr. Ghastly build him a robotic body.
    • Note: This was originally the pilot episode
  • Emotional Skarr: Ghastly builds a weapon and Genral Skarr tries to kill Hector with it. There was a robot that was modeled from Hectors pet dog Enrique Jr.
  • Evil Gone Wild: Hector gets really, really, really, really, mad at his army for not fighting off the commandoes. Then he gets so mad and yelly, he falls right off the boat and lands in the wild. They find Bozkov and tranquilize him. Then he gets sent to the park zoo where a bunch of other bears help Hector to rule earth.
  • Devolver: General Skarr is accidentally hit by Major Dr. Ghastly's devolver ray, and continues to turn into primitive creatures.
  • Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne: As the character discover Hector's face may still be intact somewhere, Hector and Ghastly have flashbacks about how Hector was blown up and Ghastly saved Hector's life.
  • Evil on Trial: General Skarr sees a commercial on TV offering a cash reward for information on the wherabouts of Hector Con Carne. General Skarr secretly rats him out over the phone, and Hector is arrested. Major Doctor Ghastly is Hectors lawyer and going against him is Cod Commando.

Season 2Edit

  • Ultimate Evil: Hector reveals that the reason they never take over the world is because Bozkov is their weakest link. They get General Skarr to train him and make him go evil and take over the world.
  • No No Nanook: Hector, Bozkov, Stomach, and Skarr are near the Arctic heading to a secret meeting. Major Doctor Ghastly is back at home being distracted by some simulator goggles.
  • Teenage Idol: Hector and Ghastly try to get help from an ancient idol to take over the world, only to find that he's only 15 in idol years.
  • The HCCBDD:Estroy is trying to steal the machine of ultimate power from Ghastly.
  • Fool's Paradise: Hector and the rest of his crew are on vacation, but run into Estroy, who tries to win Major Dr. Ghastly's heart.


Company Halt - This was a crossover between The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne Hector, Bozkov, Stomach, and Major Doctor Ghastly go to General Skarr's house asking him to return to his job at Evil Con Carne.

Other show cameosEdit

See Cameos in other shows


  • This is the only TV series that has nearly all of the recurring characters in it to also be completely recurring in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  • This show is the closest related to The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy as any other show on television. This is because both were created by Maxwell Atoms, and were originally part of Grim and Evil.

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