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Evil Con Carne
Season 1, Episode 1
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"Gutless" is the first episode of the first season of Evil Con Carne. When Hector prepares to take over England, his Stomach suddenly falls ill which ends up causing him and Bozkov numerous difficulties while trying to take over the world.


Stomach gets sick, and so Hector has to take over the world without her.


Hector wakes up and Stomach is sick so he must stay in bed until Stomach gets better. Hector wants to take over the world though because he doesn't want to stay in bed all day doing nothing. Major Doctor agrees that he can take over the world as long as Stomach stays in bed and can't come with them. So off Hector, Bozkov, and General Skarr go to take over the world in a dragon ship. They go to England because that's where the disease Stomach has originated from. So they fly on over there and they fire snot out of a cannon at everything to give them the disease and give them a taste of their own medicine. Then they go to Buckingham palace to give the queen the disease and end everything, but as Hector is making the little count down for it to happen, he says he can't do it. General Skarr asks "Why not?" Hector claims that he can not give the Queen the disease because he doesn't have the Stomach for it (literally). So they drag their lazy butts back on over to Bunny Island to visit Stomach to find her in pretty bad shape. She is about to die from her fatal disease and they all have no idea what to do. So then Bozkov just wants to at least help by givin' her a good ol' pat on the back, and when he does, she farts. Then he pats her a bit more and she burps like a baby then farts again. IT'S WORKING!!! Bozkov keeps patting and banging her to make her feel better. She keeps burping and farting a whole lot and when she does she finally is healthy again she's not going to die after all, Hector and Bozkov saved her life and so did Major Doctor too for treating her so well back at Bunny Island while they were gone! But dumb old General Skarr had nothing to do with it. He was a lazy bum the whole entire time. Then Major Doctor out of nowhere but the blue BUSTS in DASHES circles around Hector and Bozkov and Stomach and Genral Skarr in great fear and glee combined "gleear" then she SHOUTS and pelps at the the top of her Major Doctor lungs "CHIEF,CHIEF, I FOUND THE CURE!!!" But before Hector and Bozkov and Stomach and General Skarr can even answer explaining in great detail that they do not need help they already did. She lights the match burning in delight. Hector freaks out and BOOM goes the dynamite. Cruz ya know flames can't mix well with a Stomach's farts and stuff. So the whole darn island goes out with a BOOM!!! And everyone is covered in ashes. Stomach says "Pardon Me." afterwards. THE END.


Major RolesEdit

Minor RolesEdit


  • Chimney sweeps
    The Chimney Sweeps singing on top of the rooftops are a parody of the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins

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