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Ensign Slaughter
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Alignment Good
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation SPORK agent
Allies SPORK

Ensign Slaughter is a red headed commando who works for the super team S.P.O.R.K..


He appears to be a British stereotype, drinking tea and frequently saying things like "Tally-ho!"


He is the weakest of the members of S.P.O.R.K. as he can't even lift an ordinary power cord and has to drag it. He is sometimes used as a club by Cod Commando.

He also translates for Cod Commando. His translation skills seem to be the only reason he is on the team.


See Ensign Slaughter/Gallery

Trivia Edit

His name is a parody of Sergeant Slaughter, a former real-life Professional wrestler and a character from G.I Joe. .

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