Cooking pies for science ghastly
Cookie Pies for Science
is a song sung by Major Dr. Ghastly in the episode The Pie Who Loved Me.


Boron is my favorite of the periodic elements
I built laser-guided robots programmed for self-defense
I forged a giant bucky ball that's not too soft and not too dense
But now I'm cooking pies for science, Einstein would beam with pride
If he could see my brilliance all baked up in a pie
The crust is made of micro tiny carbon ion fiber foil
The filling is composed of several fattening and tasty oils
Cooked in an oven till the surface froths and boils
And still I'm cooking pies for science, a bioxide ribonucleic stew
Too thick for an appliance, so I hop right in the brew
My boots are made for marching, and that's just what they'll do
If only they weren't ruined from wading in this goo!

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