This is a list of all the instances that Evil Con Carne or anything affiliated with that show has been cameoed, mentioned, or crossed over in any outside media.

TV ShowsEdit

The Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyEdit

  • In Little Rock of Horrors, during the song "Brains" one can see that General Skarr is one of the people whose brain was sucked out. (This was before the episode where he moved to Endsville)
  • In Duck Hector Con Carne, Boskov, Cod Commando and General Skarr are seen in a jail cell, with Hector yelling "I'm not even on this stupid show anymore!" as a reference to Grim Adventures and Evil Con Carne becomeing seperate.
  • In Keeper of the Reaper, Major Dr. Ghastly appears as one of the witnesses against Mandy.
  • In the episode Chicken Ball Z Mandy was seen on Bunny Island, buying the island from Hector. Hector, Boskov, Stomach, Major Doctor, and General Skarr were all seen in this episode but only Hector spoke.
  • The episode "Company Halt" was a crossover episode between Evil Con Carne and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy as well as the series finale of Evil Con Carne.
  • In Billy OceanCod Commando is seen on a ledge underwater holding up a sign that says, "remember me?" during a parody of "Under the Sea"
  • In Hill Billy, Billy is seen watching Evil Con Carne
  • The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door- This was a crossover between The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Codename: Kids Next Door. In the end credits they are shorts of other non-existing crossovers between other Cartoon Network shows. One of them was a crossover between Camp Lazlo, and Evil Con Carne called Evil Camp Carne, Hector and Stomach were attached to Lazlo and Raj was dressed as General Skarr. Clam was dressed as Major Doctor Ghastly and they were all at Camp Kidney.
  • Toys Will Be Toys - In this episode, Pud'n comes home to a bunch if beat up toys in his room. One of them is a toy Boskov with the Hector chewed right off of it and with Stomach being covered up behind the table. It shows up on screen for two images. The first is longer than the second.
  • The Show that dare not speak its name: Billy is watching the episode of Evil Con Carne called "Gridlocked and Loaded" and he is seeing the part where Hector says "General Skarr, what time is it?" then he says boring. The show does not show.
  • In Beware of the Undertoad, Hector and Boskov are seen on a desert island in a pile of "junk"
  • In Fear and Loathing in Endsville, Billy and Mandy are watching a game show where the announcer tries to get the participants to guess the answer to "This show featured a bear with an evil brain attatched to it" with the answer obviously being Evil Con Carne
  • In Just the Two of Pus, Hector can be seen in a jar in the psychic's shop.

General Skarr appearances in the showEdit

General Skarr becomes an official character in the show, so his appearances after he becomes an official character are listed seperately

  • In the episode Skarred for Life General Skarr moves in next door to Billy. He was talking about his previous business at Evil Con Carne. There was a picture of the entertainment company buying the company from Hector because they didn't want any other companies trying to take over the world. This was actually a joke about Cartoon Network cancelling the show. In this episode he tries to forget of he's evil ways and try to live peacefully. But due to Billy he gives in to temptation and steals Grim's scythe. Only for Mandy to horrify him so much that she simply takes it back.
  • In the episode A Grim Day He is simply taking care of his garden till bored Grim sees him. Skarr tells him to leave but grim keeps on mentioning his scythe. Tempted he tries to ignore the scythe to the point were Grim straight up jabs him with it. Skarr gives in and takes the scythe. He uses the scythe to brig he's lawn gnomes to live ad increases there height to the point of being giants. He later is defeated by Grim, Pud'n, and Mindy. afterwords he is shown with his hands tied up walking with Pud'n Rabbits and his chained up lawn gnomes. Later he his shown to Billy and Mandy's new Grim when the actual Grim went to the show The Grim Adventures of Pud'n and Mindy.
  • Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure- In this movie Grim chases after General Skarr in a big car chase because General Skarr is supposed to be dead. Billy and Mandy are tagging along and annoying him. Eventually General Skarr outruns Grim and continues his life as usual. Also during this same scene, they pass by a poster with a picture of Major Doctor Ghastly on it.


  • MAD - Once Upon A Toon02:46

    MAD - Once Upon A Toon

    In the episode "Once Upon a Toon" (a parody of Once Upon a Time) Hector, Boskov, and Stomach were seen in the group of other Cartoon Network characters trying to infiltrate the HeadQuarters of the mysterious figure trying to brainwash everybody.

The Powerpuff GirlsEdit

  • In the episode Stray Bullet, a plush of Hector Con Carne can be seen behind Professor Utonium



  • In FusionFall, The Stink Ray appears as an equipable weapon, and Hector appears as a hat.
  • There is a billboard in the game which features Hector Con Carne advertising a weapon store where they motto is "Everything must go ... KABOOM!!!"

Punch Time ExplosionEdit

  • General Skarr appears as an assist, where he summons tanks labeled "HCC", clearly being the tanks from Evil Con Carne, with the initials standing for "Hector Con Carne".

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